Have you ever gone to a hardware type of store and had your house key duplicated then got home and it didn't work? We have customers coming in on almost a daily basis with their stories about having a key made that didn't even fit in their lock. Experience & craftsmanship are essential components to ensure proper duplication of almost all existing keys. Our store & trucks are equipped with the best calibrated key duplication machines, operated by trained and experienced personnel. We want to ensure that you won’t have to return a key that doesn’t fit properly. We guarantee our keys 100%. Our key duplication services includes house keys, mailbox keys, mortise keys, safe keys, most older car keys and almost every existing key system. Please note if a key is patent protected, a restricted key-way, or have other anti duplication devices, they must be duplicated by the Locksmith shop where the key was initially created.90 Day Warranty

High Security Keys

Would you risk your property & possessions for a $2.00 key?

High Security Keys protect against the unauthorized duplication of keys through the use of strong utility patents and strict factory key control policies. Additional restrictions occur due to fact that a special key cutting machine must be used to accurately reproduce the critical angled cuts on certain key such as a Medeco key.

  • Protect against unauthorized duplication
  • Patented Restrictions
  • Key Control

Locksmith Hollywood CA , a division of Lock Solutions Inc., is one of the truly respected names in the safes industry, with more than 15 years of experience protecting what matters most to our clients: their peace of mind. Whether in person, online, or by phone you will be assisted throughout your purchase by our professional staff of safe experts. You will never feel safer with a safe company. All our installers have a background check and are fully trained in safe installation procedures. We are fully bonded, licensed and insured. So keep on browsing and don’t hesitate to call; or simply stop by and say hello. It’ll be our pleasure to serve you.

Fire Safes

Acquiring a safe that withstands fire is acquiring a quality safe. Usually a Fire in a house or business can rise to 1,200 F, that is why to resist these high temperatures, fire safes are built with many reinforcements like, fireboard layers, thicker gauges, and special fire seals, which end up making stronger and more prepared safes, not only to endure a fire event, but by default, also burglaries. The quality of a Fire Safe can vary greatly, depending on the fire rating, which in turn depends on the construction, and very frequently the brand. In our inventory we have a selection of Fire Safes and we will guide you through all the models and qualities available.

Home Safes

Installing a safe is one of the smartest decisions a household can make. Perhaps the main reason behind people buying a home safe is to protect against a burglary. How many times have our customers come through the door after a break-in, grudging about not having bought one before? But a burglary is not the only reason to go after home safes . A house fire is as important, stressing the need to not only protect jewelry but also important documents. Of the same risk are Natural Disasters like hurricanes, during which one can place important belongings on a properly installed safe and leave the premises with added peace of mind. Come to our showroom or call to speak with one of our safe experts to learn more about which home safe would be most appropriate for you.

Office Safes

A leading concern for business owners is the safekeeping of critical documents and other important valuables. In our showroom, or online, you will be able to find a wide variety of office safes to choose from. It is important to anticipate potential losses with top quality protection, whether a break-in, an internal thief or a fire, the level of stress on a business operation can be great when any of these unforeseen events strikes, and a well placed safe can avoid many problems and save considerable money. We have advised hundreds of businesses throughout the years on how to use an office safe to this end, and we are looking forward to do the same with you.

Personal Safes

Store your most important documents and valuables in a personal safe. The important factor when choosing one is how resistant it is to a fire, and a burglary, two events for which you should take precautions. We carry the best brands in the market, along with many other options to fit your budget. The important thing you should measure is that in general terms the higher the fire rating also the less probable for a burglar to pry a personal safe, and we can gladly inform you of the different personal safe configurations available, like choosing between a combination or a digital lock, or the shape of the safe depending on where you will install it. Call us with your questions or visit us in our showroom. 

Wall Safes 

One of the most effective ways of concealing a Safe is to install it in the inside of a Wall, since it can be hidden at the location of your choice within your home. It is not recommended to use a Wall Safe if you want to have your valuables protected against fire, since by principle they are of thinner construction and wouldn’t stand high rising temperatures for long (even though there are models that have the UL fire rating). But still, they remain the safe of choice for many customers who find the concealing aspect appealing. We recommend them for certain types of situations and used in conjunction with other types of safes within the residence. And remember, a wall safe always requires a crafty installation for which we can recommend specialized professionals.  

High Security Safes

A High Security Safe is considered to be above the average quality of protection offered in the safe industry. The most widely accepted standards come from Underwriters Laboratories, in which a safe can be tested for burglary, fire, or both. These are examinations in which the safes are attacked by knowledgeable pry experts with all kinds of tools, drills, saws, even abrasive chemicals; or subdued under different types of fire and heat exposure. Ultimately, UL classifies the tested Safe under its reputable rating system.  Also important for a High Security Safe is the quality of the lock, which in its own is a category, tested for quality by UL.  What matters most if you are interested in a High Security Safe is to learn more about Fire and Burglary Protection ratings and be well advised by a safe expert because there is wealth of options



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